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BYOD Policy


Electronic Devices

Use of certain electronic devices is permitted at Massey Hill Classical High School as described below.  Electronic devices are classified as disruptive, non-disruptive and mobile phones.  Permissibility of each type of electronic device is described as follows:

Disruptive Electronic Devices

  1. Disruptive electronic devices are defined as devices deemed distracting to the educational environment.
  2. The categories of disruptive devices are (a) audio & video recording devices (b)radios (c)pagers (d)laser pointers and other electronic devices deemed distracting to the educational environment.  As such, these devices are not permitted in any area of Massey Hill Classical High School unless approved by administration.
  3. Use of cameras on non-disruptive devices and cell phones, to take still pictures or video, is not permitted on school grounds unless under direction and supervision of school personnel with parental consent.
  4. The misuse of permissible electronic devices in a manner distracting to other students and school personnel is not allowed.  The misuse of electronic devices includes but is not limited to:
  1. Use of any electronic device in a classroom or other area not authorized by school personnel.
  2. Listening to video or audio without headphones or earbuds.
  3. Use  of ear buds at a volume where others may hear.
  4. Use of ear buds in any yellow or red zones without permission.
  5. Earbuds in ears in red and yellow zones.
  1. When audio devices are allowed, no large headphones will be permitted. Earbuds will ONLY be permitted.

Non-disruptive devices

  1. Non-disruptive devices are defined as electronic devices primarily used for educational purposes.
  2. The categories of non-disruptive devices are (a) laptops (b) notebooks; netbooks (c) tablets (d) e-readers (e) IPads, Ipods, (f) ear buds (limited use).
  3. These devices may be used:
  1. During classroom instruction as permitted yellow zones and in all green zones.
  2. In any area with permission from school personnel.

Mobile Phones

  1. Use of phones for voice and text is permitted only in green zones and in yellow zones with teacher permission (only).
  2. Phones may be used as directed by school personnel.  Phones must be off or on silent during time in yellow and red zones.
  3. Phones may be used with internet access, video/audio functions etc. during classroom instruction at the discretion of the school personnel.

Consequences of inappropriate use of electronic devices

Violation of the appropriate use of electronic devices as described above (1) may result in detention, (2) In-school suspension (3) or out of school suspension.  Students are required to turn in the device to school personnel and the parent may pick up the device from administration at the end of the day.  Privileges may be suspended according to the following guidelines (1) same day release, (2) no electronics for one grading period (3) suspension of electronic privileges for the semester (4) suspension of privileges for the remainder of the school year.

Students are not allowed to refuse to turn device over to school personnel. Refusal to follow directions will result in suspension of electronic privileges for a time determined by administration (one week-one semester).

Lost or Damaged Devices

Massey Hill Classical High School assumes NO responsibility for the theft, loss, or damage of electronic devices brought to school. Students bring these devices at their own risk.  

Zones for Electronic Use at Massey Hill Classical High School

Red – No devices, earbuds or phones allowed without permission.

Yellow – Limited use of devices, earbuds or phones as directed by a teacher

Green – Devices, earbuds and phones allowed as long as they do not disrupt others

All Electronic Devices

Classroom teachers have the ultimate control over when and what type of electronic devices are used in the classroom.  

Consistency across the school is important

E-readers are permitted wherever reading is permitted

The hallways should have the following restrictions

  1. Students should not be impeding traffic to use their phones
  2. Earbuds should not be on or around the neck when moving through the hallways.
Published by Craig Wilson on December 18, 2017